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Drippy Messenger ITA Bag - SALE

Drippy Messenger ITA Bag - SALE

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We are clearancing out the bags as the majority of them have blemishes and imperfections that do not meet our standards. Please note all bags are sold as is. If you don’t mind some imperfections this is a GREAT deal for a truly unique bag that will get you plenty of comments!!

Please read the listing thoroughly before purchasing!

Bag Dimensions: 10" tall, 8" wide with a 2.5" depth. Cross-Body style bag. Comes with a 50" woven strap. 

Yes, it can fit a full size Nintendo Switch. It can fit an iPad Air 2.

The Drippy ITA Messenger Bag is a new stylish design with a big change from your usual ITA bags: Interchangeable Flaps!

Each bag by default comes with 1 Square & 1 Star shaped Flap that you can easily switch out to have themes for your panels!

✨NOTE: This second run features an adjustment to the D rings stitching. ✨

All bags and flaps are sold as is. Very minor blemishes may be present but nothing that affects the usability of the bag. Please do not purchase if you are not okay with your bags having minor imperfections or blemishes, as this is common with the Holo material.

Bags with more noticeable flaws/markings are discounted and will be available at a later time.


Please read below for a detailed explanation about the 'flaws' of these bags. 
Contains more than 1 'blemish' around the body of the bag. Can be on the front, back, or near the underside of the flap. Blemishes may consist of oil slick stains, burn marks, or abrasive marks from the manufacturing process. Does not affect the usability of the bag in any way. All sales are final.
DEFECTIVE: May contain the above in addition to, but primarily consists of magnetic closure hardware defects such as a weak closure or inability to close. May or may not contain sewing imperfections/flaws etc. All sales are final.


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