Product Sourcing & Design Services

Are you a new artist or brand looking for help with producing and sourcing your own merchandise? 

As an independent designer and artist myself, one of my leading job responsibilities is sourcing and assisting with the production of a variety of products for clients and employers. 

Example: You have a design that you want to produce into enamel pins or acrylic keychains. You're not sure the best company to go with, and you aren't sure how much it will cost, and most often most companies require a high MOQ that is outside of your budget. You consider hiring someone to help you with this, but want a more personalized experience than just giving your art over to someone and asking them to produce it for you. You decide to go onto Alibaba to look for a company and are overwhelmed by the amount of companies, representatives, etc. You are not sure how to communicate your needs and you find yourself overwhelmed and overstimulated with the entire process. You are overcome with fear and nerves that makes you close out of the app and never open it again. 
If you found yourself within this similar situation, or maybe you just aren't really sure where to start, or you have deadlines in other areas you need to meet and really could just use an extra hand on deck. Why not consider hiring a sourcing specialist? 

My job consists of looking at your art, evaluating the best merchandise for it (if you're unsure on what to make), and providing you with all of the available options, price points, help with art files, and providing communication relays with my manufacturers directly. I'm like a representative of sorts, but without the high fees, communication barriers, time-zone barriers, and I can help provide production-ready files to the manufacturer to ensure the product is produced as accurately as possible and as quickly as possible. I provide direct sourcing services to reputable manufacturers and production companies from China, the leading Country for most mainstream products. I work with a large variety of companies all throughout mainland and participate in virtual tours, livestreams, and sample testing.
Quality is my #1 priority and I have many reputable sources to showcase the quality of the merchandise I help bring across the world. 

What makes my Sourcing Services different from "Middle-Men" services?
What stands me out from other 'middle-man' services is that I work directly with you, one-on-one, as an artist to another artist, to also show you the process so that way you are able to have the tools you need to take the reigns for your future projects. Of course, you are always welcome to enlist my help if you enjoy the ease of my services (because I do the work for you!) should the need arise!

Products I am available to help source for you and your brand: 
Enamel Pins, enamel magnets, keychains, etc
Acrylic Keychains, pins, phone charms, etc 
Plush (Mochi, textile, etc) for adult consumers (Ages 15+).
Note that any plush intended for younger audiences may require additional certifications (fees will vary).
Learn more about CPSC & Toy Safety Guidelines Here. Video Presentation can be found here.
Stationary (Memo pads, washi tape, etc)
Ita Bags, Purses, Wallets

My sourcing rates are as low as .25c per item ordered!
Additional services I can provide (hourly rate may be required): Vectorizing artwork, mock-ups, sample design & alterations, fulfillment, and quality control.

Interested in learning more? Please email me: with your project needs! 
(Please allow 2-4 days for me to respond!)