Below is a comprehensive list of how any applicable refunds/exchanges work per release & per item. Please read thoroughly prior to placing any orders so you know what to expect when buying!

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Enamel Pins (pre-orders): Due to the crowd-funding nature of pre order pins, all sales are final. In the event a production needs to be cancelled or put on the shelf, a refund will automatically be issued and the order will be cancelled

Enamel Pins (in stock): All sales are final, exchanges may be available in rare circumstances. Please be sure to thoroughly read each listing and note any grading scales for each release. I do my best to communicate each batch and their imperfections (if any). If you however purchase an A grade pin (listing must state the pins are A grade or your options must reflect "A Grade") and receive a pin that has noticeable flaw or chips, please do message me with photos and I will assess the situation. I do my best to take grading seriously, but sometimes I can overlook something and mistakenly put a flawed pin in the wrong pile. Depending on the release, I may kindly ask for you to send the pin back to me. 

Releases that may not be eligible for exchanging: LE releases (where the pins are limited and have only 25-30 pcs produced), Charity based pins, or collaboration pins. 

Charity Pins/Collaborative pins: All sales are final. Due to the limited nature, pins are often sold as is regardless of small flaws. Since Charity pins profits are donated, they cannot be returned or exchanged.

Acrylic Keychains/Pins: All sales are final, exchanges may be available in rare circumstances. Please be sure to thoroughly read each listing and note any grading scales for each release. I do my best to communicate each batch and their imperfections (if any). If no remaining inventory is available for a design, I will kindly request the product to be shipped back to me before any refund will be considered.

If your item has signs of flaws that I may have overlooked, you may be offered a partial refund or a % off your next order. I do my best to check each item thoroughly, so I apologize if I overlook anything!

** Note for acrylic keychains / pins: Your items may or may not have protective film on them. Please carefully remove any film prior to use. If your keychain looks really cloudy or has bubbles, it very well may just be protective film! :) 

Apparel Based Items:

 All sales are final - Exchanges may be available upon special circumstances. Orders cannot be cancelled once placed.

Note: As of 01/01/2022, I have retired a majority of apparel based items from my store. Select products are still available via PoD.

Please be sure to check the sizing charts for accurate measurements. If you receive your item and it is very clearly labeled incorrectly (IE: you ordered a 2XL but very obviously received a size small) please email me with photos and I will work to process an exchange. I will require you to ship the garment to me in original condition (excluding taking it out of the packaging to show me etc). If I receive the garment and see signs of wear/use, I reserve the right to reject your exchange and you will forfeit any consideration for a refund. 

I know sizing charts can be difficult to understand, so if you aren't sure and would like assistance before ordering, please feel free to email me and I will gladly help you! Here's some tips for the majority of my apparel items:

Tee-Shirts: I have begun producing my tee shirts in full sublimation, meaning there is no screen printing or risk of any designs ripping or tearing during wash. I also use a manufacturer who bases their sizing on USA charts. The shirts by default are 'unisex sizing'. So if you are familiar with shopping at familiar retailers, you can be sure to order your normal sizing as you would any other store. They have a looser style fit.  

Leggings: Leggings are also produced in USA sizing. 

Tights: Tights are similar to leggings, however, the waist-band can be a bit tighter. If you are worried about the wait band being too constricting, I would order a size up. They are also considerably opaque in comparison to your usual tights. 

Care Instructions: Wash with similar colors, cold water and make sure your garments are inside out. Tumble dry on medium heat, or if possible, hang dry. 

ITA Bags:

For the most part, all sales are final. Exchanges/Refunds may be considered under special circumstances including: Defective bags/Quality issues not seen during inspection. 

Pre-Orders / Campaigns / Crowd-Funding: All sales are final and orders cannot be cancelled (once payment is collected). Due to the crowd-funding nature of my campaigns, orders are locked in to ensure successful funding. If for any reason the campaign is unsuccessful, no payment will be collected. I take crowd-funding for large financial projects very seriously, and I will only collect payment if I know a production will be successful. However, I also understand rare occasions may arise. If for any reason a production needs to be abruptly cancelled, customers will be notified and a refund will be arranged. 

In Stock items: All sales are final, with exchanges being first priority, and refunds only being considered if there is no remaining inventory to exchange. The item will be required to be in its original condition and to be shipped back to me first. You will be required to cover the costs to ship the item back to me in exchange for me to ship the replacement to you. If you are an International based customer, we can arrange a compromise to splitting costs together. Refunds will only be considered for clearly defective items that may have been overlooked during quality control inspections and the item will need to be shipped back to me. Photos may be required and it will need to be within 48 hours of receiving your item (or 48 hours from your tracking number showing as 'delivered'). Orders received over that time frame will not be eligible for exchanging or refunding. 

​Last updated: 03/01/2022