Welcome To the Arcade!

...Well, not really! But if you stumbled upon one of these cool tokens, make sure to read this page!

The KityCrylics arcade token is a new unique and fun rewards program of sorts. If you happen to have been so lucky as to come across one of these tokens (there are only 100 in existence), do yourself a favor and look at what you can receive!
You have your choice: Keep the token as a momento (because it's shiny, and it's cute) of your purchase experience with us, give it to a friend, - OR - 

Mail the token back to us and receive a FREE Pin* from our store!

To Redeem your prize: Email us or DM us on instagram with a photograph of your authentic token. You will be provided a shipping address to mail the token back to. No need for fancy mailers, just pop it into an envelope (you can choose to carefully wrap it in a piece of paper to protect it) and mail it back to us! Once we receive it, we will contact you so you may pick out your pin from our available selection (up to a $13 value) and you'll receive your pin FREE!

It's really *that* easy! 

Tokens are given away free at random every few purchases made in our shop. Additionally, you may find these tokens at conventions we attend, or maybe your friend decided to give it to you as a gift. There's no obligation to mail it back to us, but we can't continue to spread the excitement without receiving these little guys back into our hands! So please understand that we will require you to ship the token back to us if you are wanting to claim it for a prize!

This offer is open around the globe! 


1.) I found/received a token! What do I do?

A: You have your choice of mailing it back to us to receive a free pin (up to a $13 value)! Make sure to add your instagram username, or email so we know who we need to contact!

2). It's a cute I have to give it back?

A: Not at all! Feel free to keep it if you genuinely like it! Just understand you won't be able to redeem the token for a prize unless you do!

3). Can I give this to my friend? I'd love for them to get a pin from your shop!

A: Go for it! The same rules apply! They will need to contact us with a photo of the token as proof and they will be required to ship it back to us! 

4). What is this made out of? 

A: The tokens are 1.5" and are made out of zinc alloy with gold plating. The material allows them to be lightweight, so shipping them shouldn't be very expensive at all. 

5). If I ship this back, will I have to pay to ship my free pin?

A: Nope! You get your pin absolutely free of charge! We will cover the shipping fees, even around the globe! 

6). If I ship this back, will you reimburse me for the shipping?

A: Unfortunately no, the whole purpose of shipping the token is to receive your own pin. You will be asked to pick your pin before shipping the token back so we can prepare to ship your pin the moment the token arrives to us!

7). How can I ship the token back?

A: The easiest way would be via registered letter-mail service and a small bubble mailer or yellow envelope. This allows you to provide a tracking number so we can make sure the token doesn't get lost or stolen in transit! You may choose to use a simple white envelope and 2 First Class stamps. Just be sure to wrap the token safely in paper to make sure it doesn't accidentally rip or fall out of the envelope during transit! You should also write "Non-Machinable" on the envelope so they do not attempt to run it through their letter machine.. This can cause the coin to get caught and rip out of the envelope. Oops!

You may be asked to provide proof of shipping the pin, whether it be by showing a photo of the receipt or a video of you depositing the letter in a mail-drop box. This is just to help prevent people from abusing this token system.

8). How do I contact you? 
A: Send us an email at with the subject title "I found an arcade token!" or DM us on Instagram! 

Multi-Token rewards coming soon...

Token Render/Animation by Phillip Seitz