Fundraiser Sale: Personal Collection Sale Part 2

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I am currently raising funds to help afford the upcoming medical bill for my Hysterectomy surgery at the end of this month. To help me reach this goal, I am parting ways with an array of my personal items and collection. 
Please take note that these items are all sold as is, and there may be blemishes or imperfections that I am not readily aware of. 
I will do my best to list all the artist & shop credits but due to time constraints, I may not know them all right away! 

Interested in supporting in other ways? Please visit our Fundraiser Sale page as it contains both limited edition fundraiser items, and goods of mine that are on special discount! 

Cupcake & Pumpkin (sold as set):
4cm. Double clutch.
Sandworm: 6CM. Double Clutch. From Sprinkle Bat.
Broom: 5.5cm. Double clutch.
Cat on Moon: 3.3cm. Double clutch.
Shield: 3.65cm. Double clutch.
Cherry Blossoms: 4cm. Double clutch.
Sugar Glider: 6cm. Double clutch. LE 45. From Pin Avenue.
Game Frog: 3cm. Double clutch.
Mouse Cake: 4.5cm. Double Clutch.
Mothman: 3.65cm. Double clutch.
Oni Mask: 5cm. Double clutch.
Coffin Cat: 4.5cm. Double clutch.
Cat Milkshake: 4.25cm. Double clutch.
Cat Knife: 3.95cm. Double clutch.




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