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Strawberry Magical Noopy 7” Plush

Strawberry Magical Noopy 7” Plush

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How Durpy?

Limited edition production. Only 150 produced!
LEFT OVERS DROP SALE! Less than 75 are available!

This special edition Noopy has a small Strawberry enamel charm and a little strawberry appliqué on his head. 

Each Noopy measures approximately 7” tall and comes on a removable ballchain. 
Noopy is not a child’s toy and is recommended for ages 15+

Please know that Noopy is a creature born with imperfections. Your Noopy might have a slightly crooked nose, or slightly uneven eyes. No Noopy is 100% the same from the photos shown and each are unique. We will do our best to ensure you get the most perfect Noopy available! However, if you are particularly worried about imperfections, please refrain from purchasing. 

Hoping to adopt a particularly Special Noopy? Check out the new DURP LEVELS! (Note: not guaranteed to have the below “flaws”, but there’s a chance!)
These special creatures are particularly unique.. Their eyes are either far apart, close together, or heavily uneven. In addition, their noses may be very off center, crooked, etc and their muzzles may be abnormally small or wonky. There may also be sewing imperfections or short limbs etc. In general, if you purchase one of these, you should be aware that your Noopy will be VERY unique compared to the others!

NEW! Levels of “Durpy”: 

  • A little Durpy: You’ll get as few “flaws” as possible from the batch. We will do our best to make sure you get a normal looking little lad.  
  • A LOTTA Durpy: You’ll get as Durpy as possible from the batch. Please note this may mean there will be “flaws” as noted above! 
  • Chaos Durpy: You’ll get an entirely randomly selected Noopy. “Ya get what ya get, and ya don’t throw a fit!”

 All sales are final for this item!

WARNING: ‼️ choking hazard. Small parts. Not suitable for children under 12! Keep out of reach of small children!!
Please remove the enamel strawberry charm and felted appliqué if giving to small children under 6 years of age!! ‼️

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