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(Pardon the sappy intro! If you’re wanting to know the pin specs, skip to the ✨ emoji below!)

In tribute to all of life’s biggest curveballs and some of the hardest things and decisions we are anticipated to make throughout our lives. 

Make no mistake; life is not always easy. Whether you are dealing with a change in housing, breakup/divorce, loss of a loved one or pet (my deepest condolences), diagnosis with a mental or physical health condition, or anything else proving overwhelming and difficult… this pin; though bittersweet is meant to be a positive reminder that you are getting through it. You CAN get through this. 

Many times I found myself saying “I don’t think I can handle this…” and more often times I found I could anticipate anything… but THIS? It is so hard to fathom. 
Alas, I have been through enough to know.. I will get through anything.. including this. 

This design is in collaboration with my dear friend Void Dust. Their art continues to bring a sense of normalcy for mental health stigmas and I’m so grateful for their artistic touch to put this feeling into a design. I hope you all will enjoy.



  • 2.25” Soft enamel Pin with epoxy for smooth finish (estimated size based on length of mock-up, final size will vary slightly).
  • Official collaboration with Void Dust. Two variants produced. 
  • Hanging pin design. Top pin features 2 Pink Rubber clutch posts & bottom piece features 1 post for extra support. 
  • Neon variant has glitter accents. 
  • Void dust has no glitter accents. 
  • “Minimal waste” packing available by request (no plastic / no card. Tissue paper only) in order notes.
  • Please continue to read for details on grading:

Pins are hand crafted and some blemishes and imperfections may be present. Please do not purchase if you are particular about flaws or blemishes. However, all presales will be handled with extra grading care and we will do our best to ensure you get a 100% pristine pin. 

By purchasing you agree you have read this listing and agree to the nature of this production. 

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