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Manager Pancake (Tuxedo Tabby Cat)- Peeker Sticker (UV Resistant / Waterproof Vinyl)

Manager Pancake (Tuxedo Tabby Cat)- Peeker Sticker (UV Resistant / Waterproof Vinyl)

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The Manager himself! Pancake now is available for decorating on your vehicle or any flat surface! 
Or, gift to your friends who have a tuxedo tabby kitty!
Each Sticker sold will result in One Scritch + one treat for Manager Pancake!

  • This peeker sticker measures about 3” wide. 
  • Made with high quality vinyl 
  • UV Resistant & Waterproof 
  • Can be applied to any flat surface

To apply:

clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol, let dry. 
Carefully peel bottom corner area and position carefully. Use a sturdy card or similar to slowly apply, gently removing the backing paper. 

Artistry by Floofy!


Did you Know? 

KityCrylics is passionate about felines, and our family has 5 beautiful Kitties! Each purchase in our shop, a portion of profits are pooled into a donation fund that is used to help other kitties in need through GoFundMe campaigns, or other donation-related causes for families fighting Panleukopenia, FIP, FIV, and other normal day to day veterinary needs! 
Our Love for Cats knows no bounds, and all donations are signed off with a group effort from the Kity-Crew. 



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