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3 Styles available. Please note minor alterations have been made to mass produced cardigans that are not shown on the advertising photos!

Better product photos coming soon!

Urgent update: the Lovestruck cardigan has mistakenly been produced with DARK PINK thread instead of red as shown on the sample. Please be okay with this before ordering.  

Semiflawed cardigans consist of sewing imperfections or embroidery imperfections. A great deal if you don’t mind the subtle imperfections! 

A: Harajuku Drippy Cardigan. Traditional KityCrylics colors. Features the drippy star logo embroidery on left chest. 
B: Pastel Moonie Cardigan. A soft touch of pink and yellow for a pastel kei inspired vibe. No embroidery patch accent. 
C: Lovestruck Cardigan. Our Yandere inspired jacket. Features deep red accents on a solid black base. Has a pink/black embroidery patch on left chest. 
D: Harajuku Drippy Cardigan Purple/Black variation. 
Similar to A, but the base is black, with green & purple accents. Has a variation of our logo embroidery on the left chest. 

please refer to our size chart to help give you an idea on what range each size will fit! These jackets are very stretchy due to their double woven knit nature. When in doubt, order a size up! 

💫Care Instructions:💫
Jackets are made with 100% cotton. Please do not machine wash! For best care, dry clean only or spot wash and hang dry. 

🚨 What changed for mass production?
• Cardigan D has an outdated final sample picture. Please note the embroidery patch is updated on mass production and is our drippy star logo with a purple outline instead of pink (check photos for example)

• Cardigans each have SIX buttons instead of SEVEN.
• The sleeves also have been slightly altered to have a more “flared”/puffy look instead of a straight look.
• Jacket D has a lighter purple color, as the darker purple color made the pockets look like eggplants 🤦🏻‍♀️

In addition to our manufacturer inspecting jackets, each jacket will be inspected by myself and my helper prior to shipping to ensure quality is satisfactory. If for any reason your jacket arrives and has noticeable flaws (such as a hole in the stitching, or embroidery flaws, or heavy sewing flaws that affect wearability) please reach out to me via EMAIL or DM with photos.

• Some minor blemishes are normal including loose threads or small imperfections from the embroidery process. These are mostly crafted by machine and then assembled by hand. Please be okay with the nature of these jackets and their limited availability.


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