Heart of Control Enamel Pin - Collab

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Featuring artistry by the amazingly talented Shane Klos

For production updates please check the Highlights tab on Instagram.com/kitycrylics

LE75. Two awesome synthwave/electro inspired variants. 

*Please note, pins are hand-crafted and some minor imperfections may be present. While we will remove heavily flawed pins from the batch prior to fulfilling orders, we do want to state that subtle imperfections and small flaws are normal. This includes epoxy overspill in tight crevices or nooks/crannies!

KityCrylics Variant: Synthwave (LE75)

  • 3" tall. 
  • Silk Screen 
  • Pearlescent effects (drippy area)
  • Glitter accents (TBD)
  • Embossed backstamp
  • Laser number engraving (LE75)
  • Rainbow Anodized plating

Shane Klos Variant: OG 

  • Nickel Metal plating
  • 3" Tall 
  • Silk Screen accents
  • Glitter accents
  • Pearlescent effects
  • Embossed backstamp
If you live in the Evansville area and would like to arrange for store-pick up, please contact me via Instagram or Email and I will reimburse your shipping fees!


 Final colors and plating colors will vary from mock-ups and examples shown!

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