Frog Hat Costume for Noopy2

Frog Hat Costume for Noopy2

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This is the left over listing for the FROG HAT for Noopy2 plushies!

This is a listing for the FROG HAT ONLY! 

This is a one-piece costume. Noopy decided one day that he wanted to also be a Frog.. So he crafted himself his very own Frog Hat. Complete with 'Googly eyes'.

Due to Noopy's unique and varying size fluctuations, the costume may be more loose or tight on your Noopy. We are actively working to keep the measurements inclusive for all bulging bois and gorls!

Wearing the hat will cover the ballchain attachment. 

Please note this will ONLY FIT NOOPY2 (10” plush). This costume will not fit 8" Noopy or NoopyNu, or the larger Noopy backpack plush!! Note: It will technically fit NoopyNu, but the ears of the hats have a cutout specifically for Noopy's 'cat ear' shape.

Should you have any issues with your costume, please know you have a courtesy warranty for 7 days from the time your package is marked delivered. If available, an exchange can be made with certain stipulations. 

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