Well, Fuck Hard Enamel Pin

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Lilac Glitter: *new* a pastel purple glitter!

Grading Scale for this restock:

A grade: No visible flaws upon first glance.

B Grade: May have more noticeable flaws such as a spec or debri in the enamel, or small plating flaws.

Pins are sold as is!  


Previous Variants (out of stock):

Soft enamel variant: A limited edition color variant in soft enamel. Features glitter accents and a protective epoxy resin layer. Very limited “A Grade” Pins. 

Hard Enamel Glitter restock FACTORY ERROR: The restock of the classic hard enamel with glitter has arrived but the main body enamel color is a lighter shade and thus looks more like a baby pink / white. They are still pretty, but not the original colorway of the first pins. You may purchase them under the “factory error pin” option.

Like many of my designs, this was Inspired by older flip phones, and well... my absolute terrible luck in life. 

“Well, fuck...” 

These pins are double clutch backed with standard butterfly clutches. 

A grade: No visible specs or flaws of any kind. 

Thank you so much for your support in my art! You can help bring more creations to life by becoming a Patreon!


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