Pin Variant Collaboration.

  • This collaboration is only permitted for designers who have produced a minimum of 5 designs. It is strongly recommended you have a solid knowledge and understanding on production processes, have a trustworthy manufacturer, and reliability with your manufacturer. 

  • Collaboration includes allowing you to select a design from my existing catalog of molds and I yours. Some designs may not be open for using (such as existing collaboration designs or charity pins etc)

  • 100% of profits are yours to keep. You will fund your half, I will fund my half. We each get to keep 1 pin from each variant produced as mementos!

  • You may opt to have “Variant By: your shop name” laser engraved on your variant.

  • Our shop logos will be engraved as normal. If your design doesn’t already have a backstamp, I will happily cover a laser engrave of your shop name to ensure proper credit is given to your artistry.

  • Design / Art credit will be required/given (in example: Original Design by: @KityCrylics / Original Art: @YourShopName etc)

This is a great opportunity to bring traffic to both our shops. It also gives both parties a creative change and a chance to express our aesthetic through each other’s art. The goal is to help boost exposure to both our artistry’s and allow our customers/followers/fans a chance at a unique release.


The production limit is 50 pcs. The usual production batch is between 25-30 pcs. This can be negotiated, of course! 



1.) What does "Variant Collaboration" mean?

You get to pick out from any of my existing designs/molds. You’ll receive a PDF of the lineart for you to color with your drawing software. If you do not have access to a Pantone guide, I will happily convert your variant for you for production.

In exchange, I get to select from an existing design from your catalog, and will also require a copy of the PNG or PDF of the lineart. Charity designs or collaboration designs are not permitted for use.

2.) So, do I get to sell your design in my shop?

Yep! This collaboration is a mutual partnership in which we both agree to allow the other person to sell the exclusive variant in each other’s shops. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure to both of our shops and our artistry while also combining our aesthetics to create unique variants exclusive to our shops!


3.) How are we splitting profits..?

Since this is a limited edition variant, we will fund our own variants out of pocket, and as compensation, I am allowing artists to keep 100% of the profits from the variant sold. The goal of this collaboration is to help each other gain exposure and encourage traffic.  

4.) What are you getting out of this? 

All I ask for compensation is a chance to release my own variant from a design in your existing catalog as well. So, ideally, if we both are inspired by a design in each others design catalog, we would agree to the collaboration and partnership. We will each also get 1 pin from each others variant for our own collection as well. 


5.) How much will this cost?

It depends on the design you choose. Some of my designs cost as low as .80¢, and others as much as $6/pc. I will let you know my last known price from my last production and I will let you know the final cost to produce your batch. I will require the same from you in order to produce my batch. :)

Since the molds have already been made, there’s no mold fees. You’d just be paying price per piece plus shipping (and vice versa). Please note that laser engraving or other accents may cost extra.

Our batches will each be shipped direct from our manufacturers. (So, your variant from my manufacturer will ship directly to you and vice versa)

6.) How do we pay?
We will both send payment over (after first confirming the final production cost from our manufacturers) via Paypal or Venmo. If requested, screenshots can be provided to ensure our manufacturers receive payments successfully.


Obvious terms and conditions:

This collaboration is a mutual agreement for a 1 time production of 1 design from each artists catalog in our own unique variant. We both agree that we will give original design and artistry credit when advertising and we agree to not produce or use the design anywhere else. We agree to allow 100% profits kept as compensation for funding our own batch. We will be able to negotiate the selling price per pin (usually no more than $2 from original retail price).

If you are interested in potentially collaborating, please shoot me an email or DM on Instagram and I will happily take a look at your shop and designs! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Example of Variants by 

other Artists/Partners that are being carried in their shops!

Example of laser 

engraved partner logo

Photos of my exclusive variants coming soon (as they are still in production)

Some of my designs available for collaborating with!