Terms & Conditions for Custom Cutting Services

Important: ALL potential customers must first be aware and agree to these terms and conditions. Please also note certain revisions may be made at any time if deemed necessary for the safety of myself and my shop. **Under no circumstances will a 100% refund be given after an order is placed & initiated. If you do not agree to these terms, you do not have to place an order with my shop. Thank you for your time!  **

KITYCRYLICS Custom Made Blanks For Mold making and Personal/Commercial distribution and use:
Please read thoroughly. These are the terms and conditions for my services. 

REVISED 07/22/2019

By purchasing you agree you have read through this page and agree to these terms. If you have any remaining questions or concerns please don’t be afraid to ask!
First and foremost, you must be 18 years or older to place a purchase for these services. If you are under 18, please have a parent or guardian get into contact with me. 

I offer many services, one being design and cutting of “blanks”.
What are blanks?
Blanks are hard solid/plain/blunt cast or cut 3D pieces used for the fabrication of mold making and duplication, or experimenting purposes.  Blanks serve as the foundation piece for many projects, and are not typically meant to be used as a formal or final product. This varies per person per project, however. 


Exclusivity of Designs:
There is no additional cost for exclusivity of a design you commission me for, and I do not advertise commissioned blanks for additional sale or profit. Please be realistic, though, and understand that popular characters or words or shapes may be frequently repeated or requested. I do my best to ensure every commission is as 100% unique to each customer as I can. 

Quantities and Sizes:

The minimum sizing that can be commissioned is 1x1" inches (Approximate) per blank. The maximum I am able to cut is 8x9 (approximately). Blanks may be engraved on the backside with my shop name. Please do not attempt to remove the engraving or hide it in any photos showing your blank. The engraving will not effect the outcome of your mold as it on the side that will be adhered to the surface for pouring your mold. 

Design / Cut credit is greatly appreciated when sharing or posting your blanks/molds. It is not required, but please keep in mind it really helps me out, too!

The default thickness is 1/4” and the blanks are cut and or engraved in clear plexiglass acrylic. Due to safety concerns, I cannot cut anything thicker than 1/4". If you are wanting a thicker piece, you will need to have multiple pieces cut and assemble them yourself. More information about the price and sizing can be found in the price chart.

This service is intended for experienced mold makers. If you are new to mold making, please feel free to email me with questions or concerns.

Files and Formats:
If you have the vectors, or outline file already prepared and is in the compatible file format (AI, DXF, DWG, SVG), PLEASE email me before ordering so I can give you a discount code to wave a design fee. However, if you have no vectorized design and are requiring me to make the line work and vector, there is a $5 design fee per design (price varies by complexity). Please note: Sending a photo of the 'shape' does not qualify as sending me the 'readied' design. (Example: You're wanting a wine bottle blank, so you send me a photo of an actual photographed wine bottle).

Small Details & Engraving:

Please bare in mind the smaller the details, the less likely certain details will be picked up when fabricating a mold. For best results I recommend using a two part silicone mixture. You can use any silicone mixture as long as the product is specifically designed for mold making or casting. 

I cut & engrave in single-layers. I do not layer details with multiple pieces due to the time it would take. 

For shakers: Each shaker base is cut in 1/4", and backplates can be purchased for an additional fee and are by default cut in 1/8" clear acrylic.

** All shakers come dissembled. There are many ways to 'put them together'. I use super thin double-sided tape, or UV resin. Please be extremely careful when assembling your backplates. Do a test to make sure each shape is facing the right way before applying any adhesive. Not all pieces are 100% symmetrical, so this is CRUCIAL for making sure you do not ruin your backplates!

These blanks can also be used with plastic molding/vacuum forming as well but will require holes drilled throughout the blank depending on the size or contours to allow air to suction through the entire piece properly. Please be sure to know which molding method you’ll be using these blanks for. -- I am only able to 'cut' holes in the pieces. Not drill --


Request for blanks of Copyrighted characters: 
I will only create blanks of certain characters and under certain circumstances. By using copyrighted characters for your blanks for your commercial use, you assume any and all liability in the potential event of a cease and desist order by the original owner. If you receive a cease and desist order after I have started your order or fabricated the blanks you will not receive a refund. Use your own discretion and judgment with requesting copyrighted characters. I hold no liability as I am performing a cutting service only. You are paying for labor, and material costs. You are not paying for distribution rights for copy-written characters.
(Examples of copywritten characters: Sanrio based characters; Hello Kitty, Gudetama, Pusheen, Bananyan, Rilakkuma and friends, etc)


As stated in the first part of this page, I do not under any circumstances allow or offer a 100% FULL refund. Please keep this in mind: You are paying for a CUSTOM service, requiring MY PHYSICAL labor and TIME. I am not purchasing your blanks from China, or drop-shipping from a manufacturer. Everything is 100% managed and completed with my own hands & machinery. If I acknowledge or approve ANY sort of refund, it will be for the COST OF MATERIALS only. Before ANY partial refund may be considered, you will need to discuss with me the circumstance and you will be required to ship the blanks back to me.

Reasons I will NOT acknowledge a partial refund: 

- You have changed your mind about your design, after I have already designed and processed the cut.

- You have misjudged your measurement need, and find the piece is too small or too large for use. 

- You have received a cease and desist from a company in which you are selling their designs.

- You do not need or want your blanks anymore.

- You have damaged your blanks from experimenting and or misuse.

- You have lost or misplaced your blanks.

Your individual  designs will be kept on record for up to one year. In the event you need more or new blanks of a design you’ve previously ordered, the price for each blank will be 50% off. This is only good for the SAME SIZE and SAME DETAILS and SAME DESIGN. Increasing in size will void this discounted price and you will be charged the normal cost per piece. 

Payments accepted:
Paypal only. Please be sure to provide the correct shipping address when placing your order. You may use a debit or credit card through Paypal's interface. 

Processing Times:
As of 07/2019- My current estimated processing time is 3-6 weeks. I give about a two week 'breathing' room to anticipate any issues with either a current order, or in the event my health issues flare up. Please be very patient with me, and please be patient with receiving your blanks.


When I am ready to start your order:
Proofs before cutting:
I will send proofs and progress photos of said pieces to make sure you are satisfied with them before cutting. Once they are cut, I will send along final product photos before shipping. Be sure to only approve of the proofs when you are 100% certain, as I will follow up with the cutting. I cannot go back once you approve the design proof. 

- Please be considerate and understand if you do not receive a final product photo of your blanks if they are geometrical shapes like circles, hearts, etc.

In the unfortunate event that I am unable to complete your order due to a personal life event, issue or illness, you will be notified and a full refund will be issued within 1-3 weeks. 

In the event I discover you have stolen an artists design and claimed it as your own, I will cancel your order immediately and you will receive a partial refund of the purchase price and you will not receive any blanks that are of stolen designs. You will be barred from placing any orders with me in the future. If you have already received your blanks and you receive a cease and desist from the original artist, you forfeit any possible refund through my shop (Art theft isn’t cool. Period.)
If you have permission by an artist to replicate their design, I will require a formal email from that artist through their personal/business email. 

Fees, handling fees, Shipping prices etc:
Please refer to price chart for updated pricing information.


-Partnerships / Wholesale pricing
⦁     Price varies per size and complexity of design, please email me with your ideas and needs and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

All blanks come with your preferences in engraving details or holes for jump ring attachments. 
I hope to be able to work with you! 

My contact information:
Shop name: Kitycrylics (Kit-e-kryl-ix)
Owner name: Ash Tingley
Contact email: Kitycrylics@gmail.com
Instagram: @kitycrylics
Site: Kitycrylics.com

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