Campaign Cancelled

until March/April 2021

CrowdFunding Campaign

-- No Invoices Are Sent Unless Enough Backers are on board! --

Minimum Backers Needed for Base Production: 50

Minimum Backers Needed for Next Color Unlock: 100

Minimum Backers Needed for Next Color Unlock (2): 150

Maximum Backer Capacity for This Campaign: 350-400 


Hello and welcome to KityCrylics' next campaign! My hope is to fund a production of these super cute Mini ITA Bags I have designed! Please follow along as I tell you more about the bag and the design!

- Dimensions: 7.5" Tall / 6.75" Wide / 2.25" Depth

- Mini Size. Perfect for kiddos, or adults who don't like to travel with a lot!

- Comes with 2 Inserts!

- Gold Plated Hardware

- Can be worn multiple ways: Backpack, purse, handbag, or side bag!

- Comes with 3 removable straps, with 2 being adjustable up to 60"


Secondary D ring for attaching keychains, charms, etc!

- Base Campaign funds Pink colorway. -

First Stretchgoal: Black Holo Colorway (White PU accents / purple Holo accents)

              Second Stretchgoal: Purple Colorway (White accents / Pink holo)

           Third Stretchgoal: Teal/Mint Colorway (White accents / Purple Holo)

                               ** Photos To Come Later in the campaign **

                      ** Backers needed are for a minimum of 1 bag purchase. 

Extras & Freebies


-- Campaign Ends January 15th, which the pre-order promotion will expire -- 

-- Production Estimated to be completed by end of March, 2021 with an arrival / ship out timeframe of May 2021 -

-- Invoices are only sent out if enough backers are met --

-- You Can Cancel at any time before your payment is made, just contact me with your email! --

Learn more about my credibility as a seller as well as my positive track record for Crowd Funding via Kickstarter.

-- Please be sure to read my Policies page for important information on Pre-Orders.