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 This unique ITA Bag is ideal for the average medication taker. If you’re someone who needs to bring your medications with you on the go, you can easily do so with this compact bag! Don’t take medications? No problem! The bag is versatile and can be used for whatever you can fit into it!:)

Measuring roughly 5x5 with a 3.5 depth, this bag can store up to 6 medications (depending on the size/height of the bottles) and comes with a removable divider.

The design of this bag is inspired after a popular game console.

A wire housing helps to give each bag its sturdy box-like structure. Durable, and high quality. This bag is perfect for storing small items or even cosmetics while on the go.

Please note these bags are hand crafted and some minor imperfections may be present!

All sales are final. If you are unsure if your medications will fit, please refer to the measurements of the bag and properly measure your bottles! 

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