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I have made revisions to the color material of the bags to a more pastel tone that is more true to Isabelle’s color! The final backpacks have been produced with these revisions (swipe to see photo)

Measuring 13" tall and 9.75" wide approximately, with a 3.5” depth, this bag is the perfect size for daily use. It has both options for wearing as a backpack or as a side bag.

It features a smaller front pocket with Isabelle’s signature Bow on the front, a large ITA window for displaying your favorite pins, and a removable inner sleeve that is secured with Velcro to ensure the weight of your pins don’t weight down the sleeve. It can be removed and use as a secondary compartment if needed. -

Made with 100% PU, you will also notice the top head and tail attachments are detachable as well, giving you more options for how you wish to showcase your bag!

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