Grab Bags (ALL SALES FINAL!!) - Updated 11/19

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We are at our wits end with overflowing stock! 

Help us move bloated inventory (flawed items, left overs, unpopular productions, etc!) by grabbing yourself a grab bag! 

Please read thoroughly!! No cancellations or returns are permitted! Requests are also NOT acknowledged, so please be sure you absolutely understand this before ordering!


• Pick your apparel size. Each box contains 1 random cardigan and 1 random lounge pants/or/shorts . Other goodies may also be thrown in randomly! Over $130+ value! 
- All sales are final regardless of any blemishes or flaws that may be present. 

  • NEW: MEDIUM MYSTERY BAG (PLUSH): Get 1 Medium (32-38cm) plush. Between $35-45 value! Multiple bags will get you different plush! 

Grab bags/boxes may have an assortment of goods:

• Beanies 

• Pins (flawed or A grade)

• Keychains 

• Plush (designer based and imported)

• Other misc imported products or samples that I’ve received from my manufacturers.

• Blind boxes (opened or unopened)

  • NEW! I have prepared a couple small themed boxes. These boxes will contain a variety of KityCrylics merchandise, as well as themed authentic items from Japan!


You are guaranteed to get anywhere from double to quadruple the dollar amount spent in merchandise. As many folks who’ve ordered grab bags from me in the past can tell you: I’m not stingy! Just please be aware you may get duplicates. Products may also have flaws, blemishes, be display copies or have been used for photographs etc!!


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