Gachapon Live Plays [MEGA PLAY]

Gachapon Live Plays [MEGA PLAY]

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Please read thoroughly! Important information follows. 

"What are Gachapon Plays?"
- A Gachapon machine is a toy capsule machine that holds prizes inside. Each capsule contains 1 prize. This MEGA PLAY edition however includes a variety of goodies from our shop! 

"What is in the capsules?"
This is the MEGA PLAY edition. Each capsule contains between 1-2 pins and a random combination of a minimum of $55 worth of misc. items from my store with a maximum win of over $80 value of items! Pins may be slightly flawed, or you may have a chance at getting a special artist roulette feature! 

Below is the list of what you have a chance at winning (between 2-4 items from the below summary):
- Blind Box Figures (Shinwoo series)
- Photo Frame Pins
- Our Shane Klos Collab Pin "Heart of Control"
- Magical Noopy plush
- Rainbow Wallet
- Floatin' Noopy Keychain
- Floatin' Noopy Magnet
- Sad Bunz Keychains
- Jumbo Noopy Plush
- Moon & Stars Lounge Shorts
- And so much more!

All plays are final, and no prizes are able to be substituted in the event you already have it! Please play with this in mind!

“When will you do my plays?”
-Plays will be conducted offline and recorded via either a tiktok or Instagram reel. 
You will be tagged / emailed with a link to your play once it is ready! Please allow me around 1 week to get your recording uploaded!

I want to play again, do I have to pay shipping again? 
Currently this MEGA PLAY edition is limited to 1 play per person! 

In the event your pull consists of items that require over 1lb of postage, you may be invoiced for the additional fees due. 

VERY IMPORTANT! Please provide to me your Instagram username in the comments to seller portion of your order so I can properly tag you when I do your plays! If no username is provided, I will email you a link to your live play.



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