Gachapon Live Plays [B-Grade Pins]

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This listing is for 1 play of our Gachapon machine! 

Please read thoroughly! Important information follows. 

"What are Gachapon Plays?"
- A gachapon machine is a toy capsule machine that holds prizes inside. Each capsule contains 1 prize. 

"What is in the capsules?"
This varies per stream. Currently, the lineup is as follows: 
- B Grade Pins. 
- Incorrect / Incorrectly filled pins

All plays are final, if a duplicate is pulled in a continuous session, I will replay for you. 

“When will you do my plays?”
- Currently I am attempting to do one session per week if my schedule allows. I ask for your patience when purchasing, as sometimes my chronic illness flares up and prevents me from keeping to my scheduled plays! If for any reason I feel I am unable to do your play, I will refund your order. 

I want to play again, do I have to pay shipping again? 
- If you purchase a play and choose to play again within the same livestream, I will reimburse your shipping fees after combining your orders. Please note though I cannot refund shipping fees if I already shipped your order!

VERY IMPORTANT! Please provide to me your Instagram username in the comments to seller portion of your order so I can properly tag you when I do your plays! If no username is provided, I will attempt to email you a link to your live play.



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