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PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY PROMO CODES FOR THIS LISTING! If you use a promo code (outside of store pickup) your order will be cancelled and refunded! 

Hello friends!

KityCrylics is always looking for new and exciting ways to interact with our customer base, and with how big of a hit our Gachapon machine was, we are looking to upgrade and invest in a mini claw machine! 

This machine is tiny but mighty! We are hoping to incorporate our enamel pins and other items in with this machine, but we need your help to do so! 

Please read below with info on the play tiers and what you can win!

How will it work?

You will need to provide your Instagram name in order for me to tag you for your play! I will record and share the play via Instagram stories, just the same as I did for the Gachapon plays! 
(Username will go in the “special instructions for seller” box)

When will it happen?

I will be doing my best to host the plays at LEAST once a week! I will DM you on Instagram and give you a heads up when I plan to go live!

What can I win?
Depending on your tier, you have a category of prizes to choose from. Please bare in mind these are ideas I have put together and the final execution may vary. It’s a tiny machine and cannot fit large items, so I’ll be improvising where I can! 

Play Tiers (WIP): 

• NEW: All single plays are buy 3 get +1 FREE thru the month of September! Please note this is only for the first initial 3 plays and does not stack!

  • Enamel Pin PTYW - $10 - Play Til you win. Pin value up to $14! 
  • Mini Plush play - $2 - 1 Play - Chance to win a small plush from our available stock! Rotations happen regularly, so check back/check Instagram for latest prizes!
  • No Loser Play Insurance - $2 - If you do not win anything in your plays, you will still receive a complimentary sticker! If you win and you have this insurance, you will still get a sticker!  BONUS! Now through October, get 1 Mini Squishy pumpkin, too! 

  • Mini Plush Play Til You Win! - 🎃 Theme! $14 - Win 1 plush guaranteed! (If after ten tries no prize is caught, you can pick from the machine directly!)
  • NEW! Desserts Keychain PTYW - $12 - Win one Random Desserts themed keychain! If you purchase multiple plays, I will do my best to ensure you get different styles each time!

Please bare with us while we experiment with the machine and see what sort of variety we can offer within it! 

Please note that if you only purchase a play of any tier that is NOT a PTYW, you are NOT guaranteed a prize! It is recommended you purchase a minimum of 3 plays to increase your chances of winning!  

If you happen to get on a HOT streak and win ALL prize styles available in the machine and still have plays left, you will be given the choice to redeem your remaining plays for a Holiday themed item. 

Current Mini Plush Theme: Halloween Kitties 
Current No Loser Insurance Bonus: Pumpkin Duckies or Squishy Pumpkin!
Current Mini Plush PTYW Theme: Jack o lantern plush keychain!

If you do not win and you did not purchase the No Loser Insurance, your shipping fees will be refunded!

If you win during the middle of your plays, I will continue to play until all of your spots are used! 
For example: If you purchase 6 plays of the Mini plush tier, and on your third play you win, I will play 3 more times to equal out to six total plays. You have a chance at winning a second time!

All plays are final. No refunds/exchanges permitted. Items are sanitized prior to shipping.

 If you have any questions about the tiers, how virtual plating works etc, please DM me on Instagram @KityCrylics ! 

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