Portfolio of Ashley Tingley (KityCrylics)

Ashley has experience in a large variety of artistic mediums including:

  • Epoxy Resins (3+ Years)

  • Laser cut acrylics (3+ Years)

  • Enamel Pin & Acrylic Keychain design (3 Years)

  • Digital Vector and Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop 

  • ITA Bag design and concept proofing 

Her work history includes: 

  • 10+ Years of Retail & Customer Service 

  • 6+ Years Online Shop Management & 

  • 3+ Years of Mobile Electronics & Troubleshooting

  • 3+ Years Enamel Pin Designing

  • 3+ Years Vector Illustration Design

  • 2 Years Denture Fabrication

  • 4+ Warehouse/Stocking Experience

Commissions she is available for: 

  • Enamel Pin Vectoring / Coloring, as well as communications relay with top recommended enamel pin manufacturer.

  • (currently closed) Vector design for acrylic blanks / acrylic jewelry cutting

  •  (currently closed) ITA Bag vector / design as well as communications relay with top recommended bag manufacturer (price starts at $40 + $14/hr). 

  • Logo commissions for personal & commercial use.

  • Basic Character commissions (Personal use only)

  • General vector commissions (IE: Cleaning up linework)

Commissions rates vary by project and its requirements*:

  • $50-$75/starting for Enamel Pin designs consisting of up to 4 colors (Black/White included)

  • Basic Lineart Commissions: $30-$40

  • $25-35 for Character commissions

  • $20-$23/HR for logo commissions (average 4-5 hours)

  • ITA Bag Vector render: $40-80 (varies by complexity)
    *Certain commissions may require a non-refundable deposit.

You may inquire about any of my available services by emailing me!

For Enamel Pin designs: You have the choice of standard lineart (black outline) or full-production ready artwork. 

Full production ready artwork means your design will be 100% ready for production, and takes all the guess work out of what you are wanting for your pin design. It is highly recommended for beginning pin designers looking to get a feel for the medium and wanting expert guidance and support!

Below is a gallery of my latest designs/projects, as well as an example of some of the commissions I have completed. Please do not distribute or use my designs in any manner without my consent.

For best viewing, please visit via a desktop or laptop browser!