This giveaway is sponsored by Jiayue Crafts & Pins, and KityCrylics. Winner will receive 100pcs of their design in enamel pin form. Maximum size: 1.5" - Vector work will be provided free of charge by KityCrylics. 

FOrm is Closed

We are working on and narrowing down our favorites! Thank you to everyone who participated! It is truly an honor to see so many creative ideas come forward! 

Our Favorite Entries: 

@Shadowstormr - Tentacle Tea

@FrillsOfJustice - Love for All Wand

@Chiisai_Crisucchi - Hug Me Bear

Any contestant found to be dishonest about their art/entry or qualifications will be immediately disqualified for consideration and barred from future giveaways.

* Please keep designs PG13 rated. Curse words are okay, but please keep nudity to a minimum. NO SEXUAL THEMES

* Only one form per person. The first form submitted is final. Any duplicate entries will be removed.

* We will narrow down our selection and a final vote will take place to help artists gain exposure for their designs. Final decision (regardless of votes) will be to the judgment of Amy & Myself.

* Runner-up contestants may be presented with a $5 coupon to use towards their own production with Jiayue Pins if they so desire.

* This giveaway is being both funded by myself and partially sponsored by Jiayue. Please consider supporting my shop or sending a Ko-Fi tip as Thanks! 

Interested in having your own enamel pins produced? You can contact Amy with Jiayue pins for a free quote! Even better? Let Amy know you were referred by KityCrylics to qualify for a small discount off your first order with Jiayue Pins! Be sure to provide the below form with your email for best accuracy with your design



Subject: Referral by KityCrylics

Type of Pin (either soft or hard enamel):

Size of pin: 

Quantity: 100 pcs (minimum)

Country to be shipped to:

A photo of your design (for best accuracy, AI format is preferred)

For Best Visibility, please access via desktop/laptop or tablet browser!