This giveaway is sponsored by Jiayue Crafts & Pins, and KityCrylics. Winner will receive 100pcs of their design in enamel pin form. Maximum size: 1.5" - Vector work will be provided free of charge by KityCrylics. 

Some Of Our Favorite Entries: 

@Shadowstormr - Tentacle Tea

@Chiisai_Crisucchi - Hug Me Bear

@Lunarah.Official - Royal Jelly

Any contestant found to be dishonest about their art/entry or qualifications will be immediately disqualified for consideration and barred from future giveaways.

* Please keep designs PG13 rated. Curse words are okay, but please keep nudity to a minimum. NO SEXUAL THEMES

* Only one form per person. The first form submitted is final. Any duplicate entries will be removed.

* We will narrow down our selection and a final vote will take place to help artists gain exposure for their designs. Final decision (regardless of votes) will be to the judgment of Amy & Myself.

* Runner-up contestants may be presented with a $5 coupon to use towards their own production with Jiayue Pins if they so desire.

* This giveaway is being both funded by myself and partially sponsored by Jiayue. Please consider supporting my shop or sending a Ko-Fi tip as Thanks! 

Interested in having your own enamel pins produced? You can contact Amy with Jiayue pins for a free quote! Even better? Let Amy know you were referred by KityCrylics to qualify for a small discount off your first order with Jiayue Pins! Be sure to provide the below form with your email for best accuracy with your design



Subject: Referral by KityCrylics

Type of Pin (either soft or hard enamel):

Size of pin: 

Quantity: 100 pcs (minimum)

Country to be shipped to:

A photo of your design (for best accuracy, AI format is preferred)

For Best Visibility, please access via desktop/laptop or tablet browser!