Production Updates

Check the status of all our latest productions and import arrivals here! 
Campaigns are listed newest to oldest. Campaigns that are finished/fulfilled will be removed once all orders have shipped.
Last updated: 07/3/2022
CrowdFunding Productions (Kickstarter, etc):
Campaign: Noopy Plush Backpack
Campaign finished. Production initiated.
Estimated Fulfillment: September 2022
Campaign: NoopyNu Plush 
Status: In production. 
Estimated Fulfillment: September 2022


Campaign: Foodie Noopy Enamel Pins
Status: 99% finished. Pins in transit to me. 
*NOTE* Ramen Noopy was mistakenly forgotten during production. Orders with those pins will ship asap once they're finished. All other orders will begin to ship July 1st.
Campaign: Petite Rainbow Wallet (Kickstarter) + Photo Frame Pins
Status: In production
Estimated Fulfillment: October/November 2022



 Note About Sea-Mail for Imported Goods from Japan: Due to COVID-19, there are a tremendous amount of backlogs with shipping containers arriving to the USA. This is causing arrival delays for goods by upwards of 3 months. We ask for your patience and understanding when pre-ordering these items.