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Smokey’s Charity Enamel Pin

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Smokey is an approximately 8 month old kitty that has been roaming the streets of my neighborhood.

Increasingly we noticed that Smokey’s weight was less and less and I took it upon myself to take him in and investigate into his whereabouts. Did he have a home? I wasn’t sure. I just knew he was skin and bones and I needed to act.

After making a post on my local neighborhood watch app, I would discover that Smokey was in fact adopted off the streets by a nearby neighbor. After some questions and a phone call, it became apparent that the weight loss was not due to neglect, or lack of food. Smokey very much needs to see a veterinarian and get examined for his sudden weight loss and lethargy. His owner who is an older gentlemen, has been tirelessly working towards trying to afford his care, but as 2020 has not been kind to many of us, his financial hardship has left him unable to tackle these costs himself. Smokey’s sudden lethargy and fatigue came out of nowhere. I have seen this cat every month since May and can confirm.. something isn’t right, and we need to act fast to ensure Smokey survives.

I’ve been given consent to hold Smokey within my care while we wait patiently to get him into my vet where I anticipate the routine: Exam, and urinalysis. Our hope is the culprit is just a simple case of worms, but we anticipate their desire for running full blood work to rule out FIV and similar conditions that could be causing Smokey’s rapid weight decline.


On 11/23 we took Smokey to the vet where we would find out that he had fluid in his abdomen, and a in-house lab test would show that the fluid was more than likely caused by FIP. The vet suspects this heavily, but we are currently waiting for an official diagnosis from the lab.

Originally, I was under the impression this disease meant an immediate death sentence for Smokey, and I was absolutely devastated. Thankfully, multiple people reached out to me about their experiences or people close to them experiences with FIP and the treatment options available for this disease.. I would begin researching what I could and asking questions, watching videos, etc.

After researching and talking to a FIP Fighter I would be encouraged to try the Mutian pill treatment, as this would seem to be the safest way of administering the medicine.

I do not want to give up on Smokey, as I truly believe he deserves a chance at a long and healthy life.

100% of the profits from this pin will be going directly into a pool towards Smokey’s veterinary care, full vaccinations, and any followup treatments or medications he may need. Additionally, I will be covering 3 months of flea prevention medicines and dewormer.

The Pin:

The pin is a variant from an existing mold from my previous charity I did back in June. This variant is in dedication towards Smokey and is inspired by the Chartreux & Russian Blue.

Please feel free to refer to the previous pin variants to get an idea on how the pins look in reality (photo on next slide).

Please note this listing is for ONE pin only of the Smokey variant ! (If you purchase 2x, you’ll receive 2x pins!)

If you’d like to leave a special message for Smokey and his owner, please leave a note at checkout and I will be sure to send it over to him.

“Thank you, and God Bless” - Rock M.

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