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Mystery Grab Bag!

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Limited quantities available!

Needing a good stocking stuffer? Get this grab bag for yourself or a friend! 

Choose from 3 choices:

Standard Grab Bag: Comes with 3-4 A grade pins! 

Value: $35-45

Mega Grab Bag: comes with 2 A grade pins, and 3 B grade pins. Five pins total! 

Value: $45-60

B Grade Grab Bag: Don’t mind some flaws with your pins? Get 3-4 B grade pins! 

Value: $25-30

Each grab bag comes with 1 random sticker! Pins are packed in a cute velvet baggy (shown in photo) and sealed in their original polybags.

Pins are picked at random and some may not even be available in my shop anymore! 

No duplicates if you purchase more than 1 bag! 

However, you may receive other variants of the same design! 

All sales are final! 

Each bag is valued between $25-60! 

Please be aware if you make multiple grab bag purchases (such as a purchase today and a purchase next week) I cannot guarantee you won’t receive duplicates! 

Example of what pins you may receive in photo, but honestly I have over 30 designs in my catalog you have a chance at receiving !!!

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