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Medication ITA Bag V2

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Dimensions: 5" Tall, 8" Wide, 4-4.25" Depth!

This bag features similar attributes as the first Medication ITA Bag, a soft interior, removable divider, and the two-piece velcro flaps on the underside of the lid.

Reinforced with a wire frame housing. 

Additionally, after much request, we have added an optional removable woven strap. The strap is 1.5" wide and extends to 60". It also features a sturdy handle for easily grabbing and carrying on the go.

The Window of the ITA Bag is made with Glittery Vinyl for an extra glitzy touch (except for the Silver/ Blue bags, which will be made with regular clear PVC).

Bags are hand crafted and may have minor imperfections. 

Flawed bags may consist of:

- Silkscreen blemishes

- Misaligned stitching 

- The grace of my cats (small puncture marks from them jumping on a couple bags while I was working on sorting)

- Dirt/Scratch marks 

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