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Magical Transcension Stained Glass Pins

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These beautiful pins measure 3” tall and feature stained glass elements. Princess Serenity is just slightly bigger than 3”.

Grading Scale for this production:

A Grade: Little to no noticeable flaws.

A- Grade: Very minor blemishes or flaws. Tiny chips in plating.

B Grade: More noticeable flaws, nothing major. May consist of chips in the plating, small bubbles in the stained glass epoxy, etc.

C Grade: Large flaws, mostly in plating.


Serenity has quadruple posts, and Wicked Lady has triple posts.

Wicked Transcension (Dark Lady): 3” Rose Gold / Hard enamel / Triple post

Serene Transcension (Princess Serenity): 3” Gold Metal / Hard enamel / Quadruple post

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