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Locking Spring clutch (2pcs)

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Do you typically wear your pins on your jacket or vest or bags without protection? Here’s a safer means of keeping your favorite pins secured fastened to your items! 

Select between your preference of gold or silver. 

These are typically called “Spring Clutches”, and they’re highly recommended over the normal “butterfly clutch” or “rubber clutch”. Simply slide the clutch onto your favorite pin and listen for a faint *click*, that means the clutch is secure onto your post! To remove, carefully slide your finger nails along the top rim of the clutch and pull, releasing the spring and it should give way from the post of your pin! 

Sometimes these clutches can work TOO good, if you find you have difficulty getting yours off, a simple set of pliers can be used to get a better grip on the clutch. 

Each order comes with 2 PCs. 

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