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KityCrylics Washable Cotton Facemask (adult size)

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These face masks are perfect for individuals needing to stay safe and protected while on the go. Each Mask is multi-layered and made with a comfortable cotton, as well as include a replaceable PM2.5 filter for extra protection. 

The size is for adults. Each mask has rubber cinchers for adjusting the elastic for a more comfortable fit.

Masks are washable. Please hand wash/hang dry. 

Get two masks and save $3!(option in drop down window!)

Please note the mock-up is just for example purposes and the final product may vary slightly!

Please keep in mind these masks are hand-made and may have loose threads. Because of the masks being individually packaged and sterilized in their bags, I cannot open them to remove any loose threads myself. 

All masks are sold as is. All sales are final. For longevity of your mask please hand wash with gentle detergent and warm water then hang dry  💕

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