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Kawaii Oni Blind-Bag Enamel Pin

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Introducing our very first Blind-Bag series!!

Four awesome and colorful variants! 

The Four Oni’s:

SweetPea: Dyed purple metal, blue horns & pink hair

Lilac Dream: Dyed pink metal, pink horns, purple hair 

Penelope: Gold Metal, purple horns, pink hair

Rainbow: anodized metal, multi-color horns, white hair  

These blind bags are truly blind. I have no clue what you’ll receive! 

Pins May have minor imperfections but have been thoroughly inspected and all major flawed pins have been removed from the batch!

Please know this is a blind bag series and you may receive duplicates in your order! 

We gladly encourage customers to trade or sell their duplicates / unwanted variants via a second hand marketplace or facebook / instagram!

Thank you for your support in this release!

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