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Gacha Kity Gachapon Play! (SPECIAL CHANCE)

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Special chance lineup! Play for a chance to win an AP(artist proof) of our LE25 Safe With Me design!

EXTENDED PLAY OFFER: Lineup extended to 2/22!

Please do not use discount codes on this listing. 

Once the prize has been won, the image will be updated! 

Choose between 3 tiers! Please limit your plays to a maximum of 3 per tier! 

Plays are limited per lineup. Prices may fluctuate depending on the lineup! 

1. B Grade Tier: One play $8, three plays for $19. (May rotate to $9 per play / $24 for 3 depending on lineup)

- No duplicates (if a duplicate is pulled, you’ll get another play)

- Pins are slightly flawed, and are sold as is  

- Arcade token pull allows you to pick from the B grade lineup!

2. Standard Gachapon play: One play $10, three plays $27 

- No Duplicates (if a duplicate is pulled, you’ll get another play. 

- Pins are A grade and the value ranges from $10-16. 

— I have retired Ultimate plays for the time being!! — 

How does it work?

- Plays are drawn via video and shared in my stories on Instagram! Your first name will be tagged/mentioned when I begin your plays.

- Videos will be hosted via Instagram and you will be tagged via Instagram! If you do not have Instagram please say so, and I will email you to let you know your play has been posted! Be sure to let me know in the notes section what your username is and if you want your plays shared on TikTok or Instagram!

- All sales final, no exchanges ! 

- Pins are shipped in a plain polybag and mailers May also be recycled.

- I try to do the pulls at least once a week. Depending on my schedule it may take me up to 7-12 days to do your pulls. Please be patient!🥰

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