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*NEW*Frog Boi Cotton Beanie

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Product Details
This beanie will keep your noggin warm for sure! 

100% woven cotton beanie with a plush underline to keep your noggin warm throughout the seasons! 

Features our adorable frog boi embroidery on the front!

Plan on sporting your pins on your beanie? Be sure to snag some locking clutches for extra protection! Available in our shop now!


Size info:

These beanies are VERY stretchy and can fit both young kiddos and adults! It is form-fitted and not slouchy like our other beanies, though! 

Care instructions:

Spot wash/hand wash only. Air dry or tumble dry on a delicate cycle with warm (not hot) heat! 


These beanies are manufactured by machine and may have small loose threads. Some may have been overlooked during quality control and you may easily snip the excess threads with scissors! 💕 

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