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TV Girl Enamel Pin (Moshi Melon collab)

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New! Exclusive variant available here only! 

I had the pleasure of helping and producing Moshi Melon’s TV Girl design. 

Art/Design credit: Moshi Melon / @MoshiMelon / MoshiMelon.com - Make sure to check her shop for her variant !! 

Pink variant/Vector/Production: KityCrylics 

Measures around 2.5” when stacked together. 

Soft enamel with dyed metal + epoxy. 


Pin Grading for this release:

Due to the limited edition nature of this release, pins are for the most part sold as is. Any pins with larger blemishes or flaws have been separated into the B grade pile. A grade pins May have VERY minor blemishes (such as a tiny piece of debri or similar).

B Brade pins May have larger flaws such as chipped plating, silk screen blemishes or epoxy imperfections. 

— All pins are sold as is —- 

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