One of the many things that make my shop unique is my very large range of experience, and my versatility. Not only do I have a love and passion for Japanese street fashion, art, and self expression-- I love working with my hands and I especially love being able to provide services that help others. I want KityCrylic's to be known for this-- for more than just the cute happy looking apparel. If you're here, perhaps you are curious as to what all cutting services entails, or maybe you already know and are just curious as to what exactly I offer. Please take a look and find the option that best suits your needs. Please note, all services require an agreement to my Terms and Conditions, and any purchases must be made by those 18 years or older. 


Q: I am interested in placing a custom blank order, but I am curious if they will be exclusive to my shop and if you re-sell past designs?

A: I do not advertise past customer orders, but I will say that commonly used shapes, or characters will be potentially repeated and requested by many people. Unless the design is 100% exclusively YOURS (Shop Logo, Mascot, or otherwise extremely unique and obviously not a repeated design) I cannot guarantee there will not be a customer in the future wanting to place a similar order. 

 In the event you commission me for a design exclusively yours, I will refer any inquiry about that particular design to YOUR shop. I do not resell or advertise the reselling of exclusive designs.

If you have a design that I find particularly inspiring, I may ask for permission to remold your blank for my own personal use/collection before shipping. 

Q: I really love a design you have made that was not for a customer order..Would I be able to get a blank of my own of that design?

A: Currently, I do not do custom orders of designs I make on my own time or from my own collection of ideas. SOMETIMES I may make extras specifically for selling. There are a couple of ways you can obtain your own, however:

- Keep an eye on my Instagram page for upcoming 'sale posts', where I sell off blanks that I have cut that I do not plan on keeping. These are most often rare pieces that I do not plan on duplicating. 

- Join my Patreon, and subscribe to become a monthly subscriber to get exclusive themed molds every month. This is another way I have found to enable people to get rare designs I produce. Please note: Molds are NOT to be duplicated or resold. You may resell completed pieces made from the molds.

Q: What is the thickness of your blanks? What is the maximum you can cut? 
A: I cut all acrylic blanks in 1/4' clear Plexiglass. This is the maximum thickness I can cut with my current machine. 
Any shaker blanks come with 1 1/16' solid back-plate. You can choose to upgrade the thickness to 1/8 or 1/4, but there will be a price increase. 
An example of the thickness: You can pour typically 2 layers with resin per one 1/4' blank. 1 clear layer (for adding embellishments) and one back layer. This is IMPORTANT for you to realize before placing your order. I do not offer refunds, and you are expected to have read my terms and conditions (including information about the material I use to cut your blanks) before ordering. 

Q: I've received my blanks, and my shaker came disassembled
A: Yes, all shakers come disassembled. There are many ways to seal your shakers together. UV Resin, Double sided sticky tape are the most recommended methods. If you choose to use UV Resin to assemble them, PLEASE double check that the back-plates are facing the right direction, as some shapes are not perfectly symmetrical.

"What can you make with acrylic?"

I currently operate and run my business from the comfort of my home, and having access to a basic laser cutter enables me to bring basic, simple services at a very reasonable price and speed. I'm not a commercial based operation, so my services are more catered to crafters, or small DIY projects. The fun thing about working with acrylic is that the only real limit aside from my work space, is the imagination of my mind. I most commonly fabricate acrylic blanks--which you can read more about in my T&C above, which are mainly used for crafters seeking to make their own molds for various materials such as epoxy resins, candle-making, soap making, or clay. 

   There are many uses for acrylic, and the strong durability of the material makes it ideal for casting molds due to its smooth finish, which is picked up perfectly by silicone. With proper care, the acrylic blanks can be used over and over again, whereas other blanks such as 3D printed ABS plastics can warp over time. 

There are pros and cons to every material used, so don't be afraid to do some research (or email me) to find out what would suit your needs best for the job at hand. 

     Acrylic jewelry making is another popular avenue for hobbyists and crafters. Abstract designs are very popular among acrylic artists, as well as geometric shapes or patterns. This avenue enables the creation of truly unique pieces. Bare in mind, however, that this may also pose a greater risk of fragility. Intricate details can be capture or cut, but the smaller you try to go, the more delicate the piece will become. 

With the proper design work, you can also create very unique layered jewelry. Again, the only real limit is ones imagination as well as their dedication to the details. 

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