Kity ITA Clutch Wallet

Soft Pre Orders have closed! 

Please stand by for further announcements! :)

About This Design:

  • 6.5"x4" with 1.25" Depth

  • Holographic PU, Silk Screen

  • Rainbow Anodized zipper pulls

  • Rainbow Zipper Hardware

  • 2.5"x2.5" ITA Window

  • Two Compartments

  • 6 Card Sleeves + Extra storage

  • Smaller Zipper compartment

  • Detachable Wrist-strap

  • 100& Designed by KityCrylics

  • Unique, Fun, Colorful!

  • Suitable for Ages 10 & Up!

  • Colors Available (photos coming soon): Purple Holo, Pink Holo, Black Holo!

Pre - Order Promotional Price: $36 (Normal Price: $40)​

Promotional Pre-Order Price: $36* 
(Normal Price: $40)
Tax Rate: 7%
Shipping Fees (approximate): $6 USA for 1, $8 for 2 or more 
$15 International (Canada) / $19 International (everywhere else) for 1. $24 (Canada) / $26 Everywhere else for 2.

Additional Items may cause the shipping fees to increase. 

*Design Notes & Adjustments* 

- Stitching on front will be cleaner in mass production. 

- "KITY" font will be moved to the left by 2-3mm

- Zipper tape will be cleaner

- Eyelet for wristlet will be Gold plated, not antique copper as shown on the sample.

- Fabric Liner will match the corresponding main material for more cohesive look.

- Circular Buttons will be moved over to the right slightly for more centered alignment

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