We are always looking for passionate super-backers / crowdfunders to join us on our mission! While this is still a work in progress, we are working on building our group and currently have 40 members that are a part of our newsletter!

By supporting campaigns shared within our newsletter, you can build up other artists and receive fun rewards in return! 

5 Campaigns backed from our newsletters ($3 minimum per campaign backed): A "Kity Backer" Holographic sticker

10 Campaigns Backed from our newsletters ($3 minimum per campaign backed): A 5$ off Coupon to use towards

20 Campaigns backed from our Newsletters ($3 Minimum per campaign backed): $10 off coupon to use towards

** More Rewards coming soon! **

** Backer Receipts may need to be shown in order to claim your coupon rewards! This is just to prevent people from abusing the reward system **

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