The Iz-a-Bell ITA Bag

** PRE ORDERS ARE CLOSED ** Bags are set to arrive early October!

Remaining bags will be listed after Pre-orders have shipped! :)

Measuring 13" tall and 9.75" wide approximately, with a 3.5” depth, this bag is the perfect size for daily use. It has both options for wearing as a backpack or as a side bag.


It features a smaller front pocket with Isabelle’s signature Bow on the front, a large ITA window for displaying your favorite pins, and a removable inner sleeve that is secured with Velcro to ensure the weight of your pins don’t weight down the sleeve. It can be removed and use as a secondary compartment if needed. -

Made with 100% PU, you will also notice the top head and tail attachments are detachable as well, giving you more options for how you wish to showcase your bag. 

*Update as of 06/22*: I have made a very minor adjustment to the bag. The position of the top piece is off-center in comparison to the original mock-up I had provided, so I have requested the top to be positioned more center for mass-production! Additionally, we will be doing a color-test for the silk screening colors before production to find a color that is more accurate to Isabelle's 'hair'.

The projected timeline currently:

As of 06/22 we have secured our spot for Production!! We are still a ways from completely funding them, but we have at least secured our spot for the production schedule in July!

Our Anticipated Arrival time for the bags to get to the USA: November. 


Estimated shipping fees(these are only estimated and may fluctuate slightly):

USA: $11.50

Canada: $19-23

UK, Australia: $23-26

Everywhere else: $22-26


1.) What is this bag made from?

It is made from 100% PU- otherwise known as "Vegan leather", it features synthetic lining and a PVC window, and gold plating attachments.

2.) Can this bag fit a 11 inch iPad? 

Yes! The main body of the bag is 13" tall with a 9.75" width! It's very spacious for your essentials without being overly bulky!

3.) When will the bags be here? 

Currently, we are anticipating production to start mid July and that will take approximately 1-2 months. Ideally, we hope to hear of their completion by end of September, in which they will begin their voyage via Sea Mail here to the states which takes around 3-5 weeks. I want to give as much breathing room in the event of hiccups or production delays, so I am going with a tentative date of November/December to begin shipping your bags! 

4.) Will I get my bag by Christmas?

I unfortunately cannot guarantee a holiday arrival, but please know I will absolutely do all I can to get the bags to you as soon as I possibly can!

5.) Where can I pre-order? 

You can pre-order your bag here! Pre-orders will close once needed funding is met, in which the promotional price will expire and the bags will be available at their retail price of $55+ shipping.

6.) If I hold my bag for $1, what's next?

I will email you to confirm your hold, and you will be asked to make your remainder payment (excluding shipping fees) by July 1st, and no later than July 7th. You can pay via Paypal invoice. You will receive an invoice for the remaining balance + shipping, however, you will only need to pay the balance of the bag. You won't need to worry about shipping until the bags make it here to the states. At that point, I will begin sending out 'payment reminders' for everyone to pay their final balance and your bags will be processed for shipping!

Bags are in production with some revisions to the color of the bag and position of the top! 

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