The Drippy Interchangeable ITA Messenger Bag

Campaign Progress

Black PU (FUNDED!):

Holo Pink (FUNDED!):

Update 8/12/2020: Bags are set to arrive to me Monday August 14th! Customers should begin to receive their bags by the end of the month! Yippeee!!

-✨ THE CAMPAIGN HAS ENDED AND ANY REMAINING BAGS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE IN SEPTEMBER! Please be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates related towards production on the bags! I will do my best to update this page as well!!✨ - 

Campaign Update (7/4):

Bags are FINISHED and have begun their voyage to the USA! Estimated arrival date is August 15th!


About This Project:

I announced this product February 1st, 2020. A super kawaii and unique messenger bag with a bold twist: interchangeable flaps! 

The bag measures approximately 10 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It’s not overly bulky like other bags, so you can use this for smaller travel occasions when you need a less bulky bag!
The inner depth is approximately 2.5” with a small zipper compartment and a secondary padded compartment for separating your items (I use it to store my Nintendo Switch!) 

There is a secondary smaller zipper compartment along the main body of the bag for fitting small items. 

- Colorways - 
There are TWO Color variants to pick from, but each require a MOQ to be funded! Live sample bag of the Black Variant has been added as of 04/27! Scroll down to see!!

Customs Information: Please understand that Customs are the responsibility of you, the buyer. It is your duty to know of your countries custom fees. 

Official KityCrylics Logo pin! $8 each (if bag pre orders exceed 150, the pins will be free for all backers who pre order a bag!) Shipping for JUST THE PIN (no bag) is: USA $4, INTL $6!

-- Backers of 2 or more bags will now get 1 pin free!! --


There is a selection of shapes available for backing as well. As of 5/5 They are all available for purchase! Scroll down to see pricing!

If you DO NOT want to add a flap to your order, just leave the question blank/unticked!

Campaign duration: Ends May 15th, 2020. Invoices will be sent out May 15th 9AM central time. 
Customers will have up to 7 days to pay their invoice. 

Backers of 2 or more bags are eligible for layaway payment on their order. How it will work is: you will be required to put down at least 50% of your order total. You will be allowed to pay your remainder balance at any point before June 30th.


Campaign is live from April 25th until May 15th 2020. If campaign is successful, invoices will be sent out. Backers will have 7 days to pay their invoice. 

Bags will go into production May 25th, with the anticipated completion time being around July/August. 

The *estimated* time for the bags to begin shipping is Late August/September.

The BEST WAY to keep up to date on the progress of this campaign is to Follow Us On Instagram!

If this is your first time participating in a campaign from me, please take a look at my Kickstarter Profile!

I've created 9 successful campaigns and have supported over 435 projects! I am also a PayPal verified account/seller/business since 2006 with a 5-star rating on all selling platforms. 

Adjusted Pin is now: 1.35" in size and has a small adjustment in the colors. Production has been initiated as of 05/7. 


1.) I want to order a bag, but I can't pay today..can I still pre order?

A: (Campaign has ended! Bags should be live on my website in September!)

2.) I don't have Paypal...can I still order?

A: Yes! Just put a note in your form to let me know you'll need an alternative option for paying. You'll be able to pay using Chase-Pay, a 100% secure credit/debit card processing merchant! You'll have a listing created for you through my webshop and you'll be able to place your order through there. :)  

3.) Can I change my order after the form is submitted?

A: If you for any reason need to change your order, or if you need to remove yourself from the pre-order list, please email me here

4.) How can I stay up to date on the progress of this campaign?

A: The best way to stay up to date is to follow me via Instagram, or to check my page as frequently as possible! There is a Highlights tab on my page under "ITA Bag" which will have all of the latest updates about the campaign and the production, so even if you miss out on the stories (they expire after 24 hours) you can access it and never miss out!!

5.) I need an extra long strap for my bag, is this possible? (How long is the strap?)

A: Yes! If you think you'll need an extra long braided strap for your bag, just put a note in your form for it! I have confirmed with my manufacturer they will happily provide longer straps for those who need it! The default straps measure approximately 50" in length not including the clasps and the XL Straps will have approximately 10 inches of extra slack! The shortest the strap will go is 26" approximately.

6.) Do you offer layaway plans?

A: I am happy to announce I can set up split payments for customers who order 2 or more bags! 

7.) Is this bag safe for small children?

A: For the most part, yes! You might want to help them with putting pins or badges inside of their ITA windows, though! That part can be kind of tricky, even for adults! I would suggest this bag not be used by anyone under the age of 10, just to be safe! 

8.) Are these bags Vegan friendly?

A: Yes! Both materials of the bags are made with 100% vegan friendly/synthetic materials!

9.) What happens if the bags aren't funded?

A: If we happen to fall short on the funding of the bags come May 15th, I may extend the campaign for a short period of time. If we happen to be underfunded by a large number, I may retire the campaign until July when I am able to use Kickstarters platform again. If we DO NOT REACH THE NECESSARY PRE ORDERS, NO Invoices will be sent and NO payment will be collected from you! :)

10.) I see there are extra flap window shapes, can I switch my default flap for a different shape shown? 

A: Unfortunately, to keep things organized, I have narrowed down that each bag will come with their default shapes (Square and star), and they are quoted for mass production with the plan of being produced with those two shapes. The additional flaps, if successfully funded, will be available at a later time if you choose to get one later!

11.) Is there a video showing how the flaps work? 

A: Yes! There is a video available on my instagram, the direct link to the post can be found here!

12.) Will the front pocket fit an Epi-Pen? I'd like to use this bag while traveling and require an Epi-pen to be carried with me.

A: Yes! It will! It *should* be able to fit 2, but it most certainly will fit 1.

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