Need a Boost? KityCrylics is passionate about supporting small artists and their campaigns.

She is labeled a KickStarter SuperBacker & Backer Favorite with a strong positive reputation on the platform with over 13 successful campaigns and over 670 campaigns backed!

Please share your campaign with me and if I feel it is a good fit for my audience (for best chances of success) I will contact you! 

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Boost your campaign for $5 - Includes a feature in the Kity-Backer Group Newsletter! Also includes a chance that I myself will back your campaign (I really love supporting creators!)

Boost your campaign for $10 - Includes a feature in the Kity-Backer Group Newsletter & 1 Shout-Out and feature on my Social Media Stories and a minimum $3 contribution to your campaign from me!

(Social Media Share: Instagram @KityCrylics / 37.7k Followers)

Terms & Conditions:

 - Payment will be collected via Paypal Donation.

- Payment must be made before Boost will take place. Group Newsletters are currently sent every Sunday.

- Please only submit your campaign if it has at least 15 days left in its duration! 

- You may opt to send a monetary donation for my time & services if you'd like me to continue to share & boost your campaign!

- No Refunds/Cancellations are permitted once payment is sent. So if your campaign becomes subject to a copyright claim or is otherwise cancelled or does not reach its funding goal, no refund will be given.

- If your campaign consists of stolen / plagiarised artwork, your email will be disregarded and ignored. 


Types of Campaigns Best Suited for my Audience/Group: 

- Enamel Pins / Stickers / Prints / Patches <-- Group Favorite!

- Plush / Soft Toys 

- ITA Bags / Backpacks / Purses / etc 


Other Types of Campaigns that may be suitable:

- Apparel / Tee-Shirts 

- Mixed Media

- Comics / Mangas / Illustrations


Boosting a campaign requires time, preparation, and effort. All of my newsletters, shout-outs and similarly are prepared 100% by myself and with great care. Donating towards my efforts towards building this group and building our reach helps to say "Thank you" as this is all curated and handled solo.

Your information is kept private and is not distributed except for advertising purposes during the Boosts.