KityCrylics is ran by 32 year old Ash Tingley. She resides in Evansville, Indiana and works from home exclusively. Her art is inspired by a wide array of things including Otaku culture, Japanese street fashion and trends, gaming, 90's nostalgia, electronics and technology, kawaii & harajuku fashion and aesthetics, self-positivity and mental health. 

Her work may also be known under "Bity Kity Deco" from when she was doing decoden (2014-2016). 

Ashley is an avid cat lover and mental health awareness advocate. She also is a crowdfunding junky who loves to support smaller shops via Kickstarter.

You can learn more about her work work history and available jobs for hire via her Portfolio.

She has four cats: Pascal, Pancake, Lovey, and Roberta. 

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